High Capacity SmartBin

The above high-capacity configuration can accomodate 50 SKU's and is just one of the four offered. (See below for configurations.)

Cabinet Storage System with weight-based sensing for
critical, high-volume items

Introducing the exciting new SmartBin, the weight-based, absolute-control, cost-effective inventory management solution in SupplyPro's Smart Cabinet product line. Engineered for precise control and tracking of bulk products, this electronically accessed cabinet efficiently caters to various sizes and types of durables and consumables, offering one of the lowest cost-per-SKU systems on the market. SmartBin can be purchased as a standalone unit or seamlessly integrated with other bin or non-bin cabinets within the Smart Cabinet product line. Going beyond conventional limitations, SmartBin comes in 4 fixed configurations. At the maximum capacity, SmartBin can accommodate 64 distinct SKU’s and at the lowest capacity, can accommodate 30 SKU’s. Discover unparalleled tracking and control with SmartBin — the cost-effective solution for controlled inventory management.

SmartBin Delivers



Fasteners • Fittings • Welding supplies
Cutting tools • Spare/critical parts
Electronics • Electrical connectors and terminals
Sensors • Safety equipment • Bearings • Abrasives
Switches • Nuts • Bolts • Rivets • Tools


SupplyBin comes standard with 2 shelves (inclusive of bottom of cabinet shelf). SmartBin Dimensions

Badge Reader

RFID badge reader is standard. Optional fixed barcode, magstripe and Wiegand readers are available.

SmartBin RFID