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Asset Management Lockers

Transform Your Asset Management

SupplyVend® by SupplyPro® is a new line of automated smart lockers designed to simplify asset management. With advanced security and a digital record of transactions, SupplyVend offers full traceability, convenient access and data-driven functionality. With actionable intelligence, SupplyVend leverages SupplyPro's industry leading inventory control software to automate the management of essential devices.

Reduce Loss, Theft
and Unauthorized Use

With end-to-end chain of custody tracking and customizable authorization settings, you'll know exactly what was used and who used it.

Gain Actionable

Asset tracking provides analytics and reporting to identify and remedy issues, enhance the customer experience and optimize operations.

Stay Secure and

With detailed usage logs, SupplyVend smart lockers help you address internal security and policy needs, as well as industry-specific regulations.

Empower Hybrid
Work Environments

Smart lockers help employers maintain health and safety protocols and enhance productivity with contactless, 24/7 access to assets.

Smart Lockers Meet
Business Intelligence

By incorporating SupplyPro's intelligent software, SupplyVend asset management solutions optimize operations with 24/7 visibility and accountability of mission-critical assets.

  • Track individual assets
  • Create logs and usage reports
  • Schedule inventory audits
  • Send notifications and alerts

Build Your Ideal System

SupplyVend Asset Management Lockers are available in several configurations to fit your unique volume, space, layout and workflow requirements. With the ability to scale the locker capacity with additional systems as requirements evolve, SupplyVend is the smart, versatile solution for automated asset management.

Select the
main locker

Each SupplyVend system requires a Main locker, with seven configuration options to choose from.

Select a
card reader

RFID, Fixed Barcode and Magstripe readers are available.

Select up to
3 Auxiliary lockers

After selecting the Main locker, up to three Auxiliary lockers can be added. Seven configuration options are available that can be mixed and matched.

Flexible Configurations To Fit Your Exact Needs

Supplyvend main configurations

11 Door
19 Door Horizontal
19 Door Vertical
27 Door
37 Door
53 Door
77 Door

standard overall dimensions: 79.50"H X 38.00"W X 26.70"D

Supplyvend Auxiliary configurations

11 Door
19 Door Horizontal
19 Door Vertical
27 Door
37 Door
53 Door
77 Door

standard overall dimensions: 79.50"H X 38.00"W X 26.70"D

SupplyVend compartment dimensions

1 Compartment 13.75"H x 14.90"W*
2 Compartment Horizontal 5.76"H x 14.90"W*
2 Compartment Vertical 13.75"H x 6.75"W*
3 Compartment 3.75"H x 14.90"W*
4 Compartment 5.76"H x 6.75"W*
6 Compartment 3.75"H x 6.75"W*
9 Compartment 3.75"H x 4.00"W*

*all dimensions represent the maximum usable storage space. standard depth: 23.75"D