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The levels of control

SupplyPro's rugged equipment provides whatever levels of access, control and tracking you need — from single item, multi SKU, and weight-based, to compartment, door, and lid-level, to consumables, returnables, tools and calibrated items — we've got it covered.
SupplyBay, SupplySystem, SmartDrawer, SupplyScale

SupplyBay, SupplySystem, SmartDrawer, & SupplyScale all enable single-item dispensing, for the ultimate
in control.

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SupplySystem allows multiple item/SKU dispensing and control per compartment. Additionally, SupplySystem's multiple doors allow for
door level control of multiple items/SKU's.

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SmartDrawer, SupplyLock
SmartDrawer features item/SKU dispensing per lid for single or multiple quantities per compartment, incorporating SupplyScale SecureBin technology. Compartments may be defined as consumable or take/return on a per lid basis.

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SupplyLock provides electronic lock management for existing shop floor cabinets, drawers and storage units.

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The SupplyPro Virtual Inventory Module tracks transactions for products not physically located within a device for inventory tracking, usage and reporting. Can incorporate customer's existing cabinets, shelving or storeroom facilities.

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